12 Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Property Value

Are you considering selling your property? Perhaps it’s been a while since your home received an update, and it’s starting to show signs of wear and tear rather than retro charm. You might be wondering how to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. The good news is, as long as the foundations of your home are still in good shape, you might not need to embark on a complete renovation to add substantial value.

Making your property feel larger, brighter, and more appealing to prospective buyers can often be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or swapping out old fixtures and fittings for new ones. On the other hand, knowing which improvements won’t add value to your potential sale price means you can focus your time and money on those that do.

Here are 12 easy ways to increase your property value if you’re thinking of selling your home.

1. Fresh Paint

Old paint can make your home feel dated. But a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. It’ll make your home seem newer, cleaner, and more contemporary – and it can easily be done on a tight budget. If you’re willing to invest the time and energy painting your home yourself, you can save money by only paying for the paint, roller, brushes, and other painting accessories. Just make sure to pick neutral colours that’ll stand the test of time or – at the very least – remove dated colours.

2. Revamp the Garden and Outdoor Living Areas

A simple tidy-up may be all your garden and outdoor living space need. Cut back overgrown trees, hedges, bushes and foliage, clear up dead leaves, get rid of weeds and dead plants, clean any paved areas, and add fresh mulch if needed. If you have a deck, give it a good scrub and apply a coat of oil to make it look fresh and appealing. The same goes for any outdoor furniture and features like barbecues or fire pits.

3. Add Storage

Most buyers look for homes with ample storage. This means a good amount of cupboard, cabinet and wardrobe space, shelving, racks, and wall and door hooks. Clutter is one of the biggest turnoffs for many would-be buyers. So if you’re lacking in storage, consider adding easy and relatively inexpensive storage solutions to your home.

4. Improve the Facade and Landscaping

Your home’s facade is likely the first thing prospective buyers will see, and we all know first impressions count. If your budget allows, consider giving the exterior of your home a serious revamp by having it repainted. If not, simply painting the front door and sprucing up the front garden, paving, and fencing can rejuvenate your home’s facade.

5. Give the Floors Some Love

Whether you’ve got floorboards, carpet, tiles or something else entirely, any kind of flooring does well with a nice spruce-up to entice buyers. Have your carpet professionally steam-cleaned to remove stains and get it back to its original glory. If your carpet is too old and far-gone, and the stains are too stubborn, think about replacing it.

6. Update the Heating and Cooling

A quality heating and cooling system – be it gas or electric – is a huge draw for buyers. This is especially the case if you live in a particularly hot or cold climate. If you already have heating and cooling, consider its age and condition. You might want to upgrade it if it’s been in your home for a long time and isn’t running too well, as buyers will likely look for a modern system that’ll last them years.

7. Update the Blinds and Curtains

Blinds and curtains seen better days? It might be time to

give them an update. Contemporary window treatments can make your whole home feel different and add value to your property. If you’ve got old or thick, bulky curtains, think about replacing them with light, airy ones or even shutters or vertical blinds. Not only will these give your home a fresher, more modern vibe, but they’ll also let in more natural light – making your home appear airier, brighter and bigger.

8. Replace Old Handles and Hardware

If your kitchen is stuck in a time warp, you may not necessarily need to replace the entire thing. By updating the handles and hardware on your cabinets and drawers, you can instantly make a kitchen feel much newer. You can also do this in your bathroom and laundry. Just make sure to go for a timeless hardware material, such as chrome or brass, which will appeal to a more diverse range of buyers.

9. Replace Dated Splashbacks

Just like new handles and hardware, replacing the splashback in your kitchen cuts the need to do a full kitchen renovation. It can also do a lot to make your kitchen look more modern, especially if you go for a classic splashback style like glass, stone, or neutral tiles laid in a timeless pattern.

10. Replace Older Toilets and Sinks

Your bathroom may not need an entire revamp either. As long as the bones are good, replacing your toilet, sink and/or vanity can make a world of difference to the overall look and feel of the space. Go for replacements that are contemporary yet classic to ensure your bathroom is both fresh and timeless.

11. Replace the Tapware

Even the best-quality taps can look worn after time. A great way to quickly update your bathroom is to simply replace the taps, spout and mixer, and maybe even the showerhead while you’re at it. You can also replicate this tip in other areas that utilise taps, including ensuites, the kitchen and laundry – we promise it’ll make any room feel more elevated.

12. Update Old and Broken Light Switches

They’re such a small detail in your home that you may not even consider them, but light switches have a surprising impact on a property’s general vibe. If they’re old and starting to turn yellow after years of use, they can make a home seem more dated than it should. On the other hand, new light switches can make a significant difference. Despite the fact that you’ll need a professional electrician to install them, they’re relatively inexpensive to buy, making them a great budget-friendly way to add value to your home.

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